Watch surgery in the Oculus Rift but may be do it after lunch

                    What is Oculus Rift? The oculus rift is a new reality headset that lets players step inside their favorite games and virtual world. Through its custom tracking technology you can look into the virtual world as if you are in the real world. Every movement of your […]


The ABC of overclocking

The year is 1992. You own a 286 desktop tower with a VGA monitor. Wolfenstein 3D is a cutting edge ...

Relative Wave gets acquired by Google and starts giving its $80 application design tool away for free

      What is the news? The news is that relative wave which created an $80 interaction design and prototyping Mac application by ...

Bicycle bottle system condenses humidity from air into drinkable water

      People travelling long distances on bicycle often fall short of drinking water and find it difficult to obtain water, now ...

There is finally a way to sync your Fit bit data with Apple Health

        What’s the news? The news is that Fit bit did not want to amalgamate with Apples health platform but now the ...

Intel’s MICA smart bracelet will be in stores before Christmas for $495

          Intel has introduced a bracelet that is called as MICA, which is the short form of My intelligent communication accessory. ...

GRACELAND Theatrical Release in Its Native Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – September 8, 2012 – Imprint Pictures is proud to announce that their Manila-lensed thriller, GRACELAND, will receive a theatrical release in its native country of The Philippines. A riveting and unpredictable Filipino crime saga, GRACELAND thrusts viewers into the corrupt underbelly of the Philippines’ capital, exposing a world of deceit, exploitation, and […]

History of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs 1955-2011. The world has lost an amazing human being.

Apple’s founder, chairman and former CEO, Steve Jobs has died. He passed away on Wednesday, October 5, at the age of 56, after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer, which included a liver transplant. A short statement by Apple said that “Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost […]

MICROSOFT reportedly closing deal with NOKIA within a month

What is the deal? Microsoft would be purchasing NOKIA within a month from now, this was the plan of Microsoft since a year which would finalize now after numerous checks. Through this deal it would take up Nokia’s hardware division. The development of the Lumia Windows phone would be done with the existing team of […]

This is how Google is killing the web

      There are many good websites, services and applications and most of them have huge potential to grown into a huge business but unfortunately when you search on Google you would not be able to find it on the first page due to which these genuine pages or their links get lost and […]

Facebook creates safety check tools for disaster

        Facebook is becoming popular day by day and its usage is also increasing, it has users in large numbers that are spread over worldwide, even in times of difficulty or a natural calamity people turn to Facebook to get some news about it. Now there is something new that Facebook would […]

HUMIN, the application that organizes phone contacts by how you know them is now in the application store?

              What is the HUMIN application? This is an application that would replace the iphone contacts, this application’s beta launch was done few months ago and now it is available at the application store and is ready to be used by everyone. Humin can be attached to your mobile […]