Viber launches Viber out on Windows Phone 8

                What is Viber? Viber is an instant messaging voice over internet protocol application for smart phones, not only messages users can also exchange images, audio and video messages. What is Viber Out? Viber Out is a service that allows Viber users to call any phone number on lower rates […]


What is heart bleed bug?

            Heart bleed bug is a new cyber security threat, its existence was very much there since 2 years but it ...

AMAZON offers employees $5000 to quit

Brief introduction Amazon.com is an American international e commerce company with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It has an online ...

GOOGLE tries to NSA proof GMAIL

    [caption id="attachment_26958" align="aligncenter" width="300"] whotv.com[/caption]             Brief Introduction about NSA The National Security Agency is a US intelligence agency which does global monitoring, ...

New anti-social app that helps you avoid friends you don’t want to bump into

CLOAK is the name of the new app that downloads the location of your social media companion onto a map ...

The LEGO keyboard to rule out all keyboards

• Brief Introduction about LEGO LEGO’S are small plastic pieces, which are used by children to create wonders, it is a creative ...

GRACELAND Theatrical Release in Its Native Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – September 8, 2012 – Imprint Pictures is proud to announce that their Manila-lensed thriller, GRACELAND, will receive a theatrical release in its native country of The Philippines. A riveting and unpredictable Filipino crime saga, GRACELAND thrusts viewers into the corrupt underbelly of the Philippines’ capital, exposing a world of deceit, exploitation, and […]

MICROSOFT reportedly closing deal with NOKIA within a month

      What is the deal? Microsoft would be purchasing NOKIA within a month from now, this was the plan of Microsoft since a year which would finalize now after numerous checks. Through this deal it would take up Nokia’s hardware division. The development of the Lumia Windows phone would be done with the […]


This is the next operating system of android which is called KIT-KAT. Android 4.4 is a version of google operating system. This is a good way of having publicity by keeping the name of the operating system after a very famous chocolate called KIT-KAT. This co branding of google with kit kat will help the […]

Facebook’s Whatsapp purchase challenged

Couple of days before a deal was done between Facebook and Whatsapp and according to it Facebook had purchased the later for $19 billion. Facebook is the biggest social networking website that has users numbering up-to 1.2 billion and Whatsapp has become more popular which has approximately 450 million users. • Cause for concern Groups […]

GOOGLE to pay $15 for each new customer with debut of the GOOGLE APPs referral program

Google application would pay $15 bonus to all those present users who recommend the service to others. GOOGLE APPLICATION This is an application which is becoming very famous amongst the businesses and businessmen are referring this among their circle. How would the referral program work? To avail this facility the users will have to provide […]