Highlights For CES-2015

      The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show had a particular theme that stood out in particular, this theme was Automation.   This year marked a turning point in bringing automation to a large range of device categories. This made robots, a reality across a wide range of verticals.   Among the exhibits were sensors that could […]


Nintendo headed to the smart phones

        Nintendo is very famous all over the world for video games that they make. Nintendo Co. is a Japanese multi- ...

A translator app will let you speak foreign languages with your Apple Watch

      The Apple smart watch for sure is going to be one of its kinds and therefore it is becoming famous ...

Automatic cool app for cars is coming to the Apple Watch

        Automatic cool app for cars is coming to the Apple Watch, according to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook the ...

FITBIT wearers can now use multiple devices

  Now one user can buy multiple Fitbit devices         Fitbit Inc. is a very famous company that has fitness and activity trackers ...

Twitter will be removing threats and abuse from your timeline

          Twitter to take suitable action against threat and abuse from your timeline Twitter is an online social networking service, where its ...

GRACELAND Theatrical Release in Its Native Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – September 8, 2012 – Imprint Pictures is proud to announce that their Manila-lensed thriller, GRACELAND, will receive a theatrical release in its native country of The Philippines. A riveting and unpredictable Filipino crime saga, GRACELAND thrusts viewers into the corrupt underbelly of the Philippines’ capital, exposing a world of deceit, exploitation, and […]

History of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs 1955-2011. The world has lost an amazing human being.

Apple’s founder, chairman and former CEO, Steve Jobs has died. He passed away on Wednesday, October 5, at the age of 56, after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer, which included a liver transplant. A short statement by Apple said that “Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world has lost […]

MICROSOFT reportedly closing deal with NOKIA within a month

What is the deal? Microsoft would be purchasing NOKIA within a month from now, this was the plan of Microsoft since a year which would finalize now after numerous checks. Through this deal it would take up Nokia’s hardware division. The development of the Lumia Windows phone would be done with the existing team of […]

Google makes it more difficult to accidentally download harmful software

      Google is becoming more cautious with regards to the downloading of the harmful software and for the same reason they would be displaying written warning that would appear on the chrome, to warn the users against the download of the unwanted software. The warning would appear in red color that would mention […]

Facebook’s F8 Conference

      Facebook is an online social networking Service through which you can connect with your friends and family and even with the people you don’t know, you can make new connections and can create your own profile and can upload you can even update your information whenever you want you can send and […]

Smart phone attachment brings cheap HIV tests to the remote areas

          Smart phones are being used for multiple purposes, if you want to use it as a remote control for your television, you can read your credit cards and can even sync it with your fitness wristband and now you would even be able to run the HIV test on it. […]